Stand : C39B


Grind-Lap Machine Tools engaged in Sales, Project Management, Service support for bringing World Class Technologies to the Indian Market. We are one of the premium services provider for Grinding, Lapping and all consumables. We are able to offer unique state of Art Equipments, Consumables and Measuring Instruments. Grind-Lap Machine Tools committed to support and attain ever raising customer needs. Grind-Lap takes care of all your SURFACE CREATION needs as well as provide SOLUTIONS to your critical requirement of quality parameters in terms of Surface Finish, Parallelism, Flatness etc..,

Product Description:

Lapping Machine, Fine Grinding Machine, Double Disk Grinding Machine, Slot Grinding Machine, Tapping Machine, Multi Spindle Honing Machine, Lapping Abrasive, Lapping Paste, Valve Grinding Paste, Lapping Oil, Polishing Consumables, Diamond Powder, Diamond Paste, Lubricating Oil, Moistening Spray, Polishing Pad, Felt Pad, Diamond Grinding Wheel, CBN Grinding Wheel, Flatness Measuring Equipments, Lap Plates, Conditional Rings, Hand Plates, Slurry Tank, Optical Flat, Work Holding Carrier, Straight Edge, Knife Edge, Mechanical Seals, Water Pump Seals, Automotive seals, Clutch Carbon, Graphite Carbon, Slideways, Guideways, etc,.