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3A Yantra Inc. is engaged in designing and manufacturing of high precision Parallel surface grinding machine & CNC turn mill machine3A Yantra Inc. also manufactures multistation rotary transfer machines for multiple operations by using Rotary Indexing Tables with CNC, PLC servo to improve productivity.

Product Description:

DOUBLE DISC GRINDING MACHINE Double Disc Grinding is the machines which are used for grinding any two opposite parallel faces of a component simultaneously. The components like Piston Rings, Connecting Rod, Circlips, Bearing Races, Clutch plates, Brake discs, Pump rotors, Shims, Valve Plates & Thrust washers are normally ground on this machine for better productivity. These machines have two variants i.e. Horizontal and Vertical spindles. These are again available in hydraulic & CNC versions. CNC TURN MILL MACHINE High productitvity high precision CNC Turn Mill machine with Y-Axis ,Polygon turning application