Globe General Industries

Stand : C118


The company in the name of GLOBE GENERAL INDUSTRIES” was set up in the year of 1975 with primary aim to manufacture chain pulley blocks Upto – 3Ton capacity. With the passage of time, the company extended its manufacturing range in the field of material handling. As on date, the company is manufacturing complete range of material handling solutions may be Mechanical / Hydraulic / Electrical upto – 100 Ton Capacity

Product Description:

1. E.O.T. Crane Upto 100 Tonne Capacity. 2. Goliath Crane Upto 100 Tonne Capacity 3. Good Lift Upto 10 Tonne Capacity. 4. Electric Wire Rope Hoist Upto 15 Tonne Capacity. 5. Electric Chain Hoist Upto 3 Tonne Capacity. 6. Gantry Crane Upto 20 Tonne Capacity. 7. Manual & Hydraulic Jib Crane Upto 3 Tonne Capacity. 8. Hydraulic Pallet Truck 9. Hydraulic Stacker 10. Triple Spur Geared Chain Pulley Blocks Upto 30 Tonne Capacity.