SupplyPoint Systems Pvt Ltd

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SupplyPoint was established in 1998 to design, develop and manufacture the innovative SupplyPoint point-of-use inventory management system. Through continuous investment, development and focused expansion, SupplyPoint together with our network of skilled and dedicated distributors, have become firmly established as the world leaders in automated point-of-use inventory solutions. With 9 worldwide locations and 150+ employees, we are driving our future growth through innovation and thought leadership. Through close working relationships with our distributors and end-users, our products are continuously evolving to provide ever improving benefits.

Product Description:

What to manage? • Metal Cutting: Cutting tools, inserts, CNC tools and consumables • Personal Protection Equipments: Helmets, gloves, ear plugs, Approns. • Medical: Gloves, Implants, Stints, Bandage, Gauze, surgical Kits…. Benefits • Reduce consumption by 25-40% • Lower inventory costs and increase capital • Optimise inventory based on usage • Provides an audit trail of items issued • Provide 24/7 availability of products • Control product access & usage • Reduce walk and wait time • Minimize out of stock and downtime