Jeil solution, established 1976, almost close 50years as manufacturing with high quality tool holders in Korea. Our main products are hydraulic chuck with high precision to make customer satisfied. We are still working on development to promote new products CNC Auto hydraulic. We already have been contracted all of world as 30 countries. We are expert manufacturing of various tool holders as Milling, ER collet, SK collet , Drill, End mill and Tap collet Chuck in Korea. Since 2022, we have been expanded to promote cutting tools with T Drill, endmill, Carbide drill(Dream soft), and Grooving inserts.

Categories Drills/Reamers/Cutting Tools/Chucks/Tool Holder/Hand Tools/Pneumatic Tools/Hydraulic Tools
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58, Cheongcheonmacha-ro, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon-si 

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